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Gear up for the Silverstone Classic

Cars of days gone by, adrenaline-fuelled motor racing and a rocking selection of live music awaits visitors at this weekend’s Silverstone Classic.

Silverstone Classic July Feature

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What’s in store for this year’s Silverstone Classic

For those with a love of racing and iconic cars alike, the Silverstone Classic should be one of the biggest events on their calendar. It seems like this year’s event promises to bring a stellar itinerary of races, parades and entertainment.

Silverstone Classic Feature

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Mustang to continue anniversary celebrations at Silverstone Classic

Iconic muscle car and the object of many-a-petrol head’s desires the Ford Mustang is commemorating its 50th anniversary this year.With celebrations for the car occurring all over the globe, the UK is making sure it holds its own unique tribute for the US model.

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Sywell Classic – Pistons and Props

Unless you live in Northamptonshire or fly light aircraft you may not have heard of Sywell Aerodrome but on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of September this small airfield was transformed into a metropolis for Classic Car and Aircraft enthusiasts from all over the country.

Sywell Classics Feature

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The Silverstone Classic, 2013

This years gathering of all things classic and racy at the famous Silverstone circuit was a biggie.

Not only did we see record crowds – some 90,000 over the three-day event – but there were a couple of impressive on-track records too; one for the number of Porsche 911s together in one place, and a Silverstone Classic racing lap record for a stunning ‘Silk Cut’ Le Mans Jaguar.Silverstone-Classics

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