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Time to get your Radical insurance organised!

31 January, 2014 Cars, Motorsport No comments

The 2014 race season is upon us and our friends over at Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance have confirmed their exclusive & cost effective rates for this year’s Radical season! All policies are tailored to the exact requirements covering a range of different policies.

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New Radical RXC Turbo

Radical Sports Cars, the creators of the big boy’s road legal, track demon go-kart, have introduced their new invention. After signing off a partnership with Ford, the guys returned to their drawing boards and have created possibly one of the best cars to come off the Radical production line – they’re called Radical for a reason.

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The stars of Autosport International 2014

The cream of the vehicle world headed down to Birmingham at the weekend (January 9-12th) to make their presence known at the Autosport International show 2014.

Autosport 2014 Feature

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Autosport International 2014 Countdown

The show that will kick-start the season is upon us! With just a few days to go, Autosport International at the NEC, Birmingham, is set to be a packed event for the budding Motorsport enthusiast. With a number of halls representing different areas of the motorsport world and even a live action area, would you want to miss out?

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Radical RXC tears through North York Moors

A rather nice video has landed on our laps this Friday afternoon and who are we to keep such racing beauty to ourselves!?

Our friends over at Radical have had their RXC 3.7 litre motorsport car filmed by the tyre genius that is Dunlop. The film shows the car in its all glory, tearing through the North York Moors bringing some excitement to the normally silent hills.

Showing us just what the car and its V6 engine is capable of, Radical have made light work of a beast that looks right at home on the quiet roads. Its 380 hp and 320lb of torque test its Dunlop tyres to the max and if you don’t believe us, check out the video for yourselves…