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Supercar Crackdown

During the long summer months, London often sees a rise in the number of supercars parked up amongst its streets as many overseas motorists opt to spend some time in the growing capital.

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Supercar Showdown approaching

The fifth Supercar Showdown is one of the best shows in the UK to see a number of high-performance vehicles.

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Classic Car Prices – The Only Way Is Up

A colleague of mine once said that cars are for driving, not wrapping in cotton wool only to be discovered decades later in a barn with just 100 miles on the clock. I agree; a moving car takes on a whole new persona to one standing still – the lines of the car, often so meticulously designed with the aid of a wind tunnel, really come into their own when you see a car fly past you on a motorway or at a track day event.

So it was interesting to see The Telegraph picking up on something I had noticed gaining popularity as an idea for some time; the crazy idea (surely?) that classic cars are an investment.

maserati merak

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Show Report: Autosport International 2015

The doors have now officially closed on Autosport International for another year, and it’s safe to say that this year’s show kicked off in style!

Autosport 2015

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Beaulieu hosts Supercar Showdown

The likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other supercar marques will be coming down to Beaulieu on Bank Holiday Monday (August 5th) for a showdown.

Supercar Showdown

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