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Beaulieu hosts Supercar Showdown

The likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other supercar marques will be coming down to Beaulieu on Bank Holiday Monday (August 5th) for a showdown.

Supercar Showdown

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The Millionaire Boys are Back!

As you may have heard in recent news, or through the engine revving amongst the streets of London, the ‘Millionaire Boy Racers’ are back over from Saudi Arabia for the summer, bringing along their various supercars!


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Silverstone Classic 2014!

The 24th annual of Silverstone Classic was held last weekend at the famous racing grounds, with the track continuously packed with racers!

Silverstone Classics 14

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The Boys Are Back

Last year Channel 4 aired the documentary “Millionaire Boy Racers” which showed rich Emirate gentlemen travelling over to the UK with their glamorous super-cars, such as, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Rolls Royce Chicane Coupe

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Supercar Summer Cover; tailored, temporary insurance for your elite vehicles

In January last year, Channel 4 aired a new documentary called “Millionaire Boy Racers” which showed mega-rich Arab tourists flocking the streets of London during the summer periods along with their very expensive supercars (as you do).

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