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Jaguar XE makes debut at Earls Court

The latest in Jaguar’s line of high performance and luxury vehicles, the XE, has been unveiled at a star-studded event in Earls Court in London.

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Beaulieu hosts Supercar Showdown

The likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other supercar marques will be coming down to Beaulieu on Bank Holiday Monday (August 5th) for a showdown.

Supercar Showdown

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Jaguar puts Team Sky ‘under the sea’

Jaguar has literally put Team Sky rider and last year’s Tour de France winner, Chris Froome, under the sea. For the video, aptly titled ‘Team Sky – Cycling Under the Sea’, Froome became the first cyclist to ride through the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais.


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Fastest production Jaguar to be built

The fastest and most powerful production car to ever come from Jaguar is set to be built and is due to make its debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Fastest Jaguar Production Car

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Jaguar recreates classic Lightweight E-types

Jaguar is building the six ‘missing’ Lightweight E-types.

A classic car, built today from scratch by expert craftsman to the exact specifications of the original design – it has to be the dream for many a collector. But this year it will become a reality as Jaguar is to build the ‘missing’ six Lightweight E-types that never made it into the original run in the early 1960s. The British carmaker had planned 18 Special GT E-type Cars but only 12 were built by the time production came to an end in 1964.

Lightweight-E-Type Feature

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