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Modified Nationals – 2015

By far one of the largest modified/tuned car shows of the year, Modified Nationals caters for all cars in every corner of the scene. From the stanced VAG cars to the performance based JDM models and everything in between, this year the competition was fierce.


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Japfest 2015

With show season in full swing, it was only a matter of time before Japfest made an appearance. With good weather, a chilled vibe and some serious drift and track action – what’s not to love about a Japfest? 

Japfest 2015

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The wait is over, the Type R is here

It’s been kept under wraps for years, but Honda has finally let fans in on the details of the brand new Civic Type R.

Honda Civic Type R 2015 - Revealed

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Acura NSX production model makes its debut

For those who were wowed by the NSX supercar, soon the production equivalent of the Acura NSX will be making its debut.

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Jap Show Finale

The year of 2014 is slowly coming to a close, with the show season following suit. Jap Show Final was the last tuned Japanese car event of the year, held at Santa Pod Raceway. The weather held out too, which was a treat for everyone, especially for those wanting to hit the track.

Jap Show Finale 2014

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