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Goodwood Festival of Speed reveals 20th anniversary theme

Next year's Goodwood Festival of Speed will celebrate the best bits of the event's highly successful 20-year run.

The festival organisers have pledged to bring "the biggest, best, fastest, loudest and most outrageous vehicles of all time" back to West Sussex for the motoring extravaganza's 2013 edition.

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Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2012 sees Jeremy Foley crash at Devil’s Playground

Despite tightening the safety rules again this year, Pikes Peak once more saw a couple of heart-stopping car crashes.  Jeremy Foley’s crash at Devil’s Playground was nothing short of unbelievable.

Often, when driving along a mountain road on holiday, cautiously taking each bend as carefully as possible, I have often peered over the edge and found myself fearing what might happen if I was to get a corner wrong and go over the edge.  The racers at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb throw such caution to the wind and just drive as fast and hard as they can.

Unfortunately, this year, Jeremy Foley and his co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov did get a corner wrong.  They got it very wrong indeed and overshot the bend, tumbling over and over whilst shedding virtually every piece of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX as it smashed itself to bits down the rocky mountainside.

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Car Enthusiasts Make Annual Pilgrimage to Goodwood

Every July, Lord March opens the  grounds to his stately home and tens of thousands of petrolheads and speed freaks make their way to Goodwood in West Sussex for The Festival of Speed – “the largest motoring garden party in the world”.  Every major manufacturer brings what can only be described as a showroom to the grounds of Goodwood house, while everything from classic Rolls to current Formula 1 cars barrel up the famous hill climb.   

This isn’t your typical track meet or car show though. Pimms and champagne glasses outnumber pints and there’s an air of sophistication. Think Henley Regatta and Ascot meets Top Gear!

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Lotus Special to take place at Shelsley Walsh

The British Midland & Leaders Hill Climb Championship at Shelsley Walsh is set to welcome a host of classic Lotus vehicles as part of a festival celebrating the marquee later this year.

Taking place on August 18th and 19th at the historic motoring venue, the Paul Matty Sports Cars Lotus Hill Climb Championship will see up to 30 classic Lotus vehicles battling it out to be the fastest up the 1,000-yard hill.

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Ferrari 458 Italia Winner at Auto Italia’s Italian Car Day, Brooklands Museum 2012

At just one year older than the beloved Ferrari F40, the Italian Car Day at Brooklands sponsored by Auto Italia has just celebrated it’s 26th birthday and is now officially old enough to be considered a classic.  Much like the F40, the event at Brooklands, the biggest on their calendar, increases in popularity every year.  Although fortunately the tickets prices for the event haven’t gone up in price at the same rate as the F40.

Performance Direct wanted to do their bit to help celebrate this fantastic event and the F40 reaching the quarter-century landmark so ran a number of competitions.  These included a competition to win free tickets for the event via Facebook as well as a chance to win a passenger ride in a Lamborghini Aventador on the day. Alongside the Aventador competition we thought it’d be nice to give something back to the many under 18′s attending the show so we also offered a competition to go up the famous hill at Brooklands in a Ferrari 458 Italia with a professional driver at the wheel.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Ferrari 458 Italia Hill Climb Winner 04

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