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Pre-Show – Ultimate Street Car (USC) 2015

This Friday see’s USC return to the years car show line up and, we must say, it’s one of the most entertainment packed shows of the season!

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Trax Show 2015

Trax is the ultimate performance car event and was packed full of car fanatics at Silverstone Circuit last weekend. Not only could you experience the power of the cars speeding around the track and watch the drift displays, Trax let owners take their car out and go for a spin on the renowned Silverstone Circuit. 

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Look back at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed proved to be a crowd pleaser with some of the world’s top drivers and cars putting in some great performances. The 23rd Goodwood event saw a surprise appearance from motorcycle world champion Valentino Rossi – he came straight from a win at the latest round of the MotoGP in Holland – and took to the stage following a performance from Kaiser Chiefs.

Goodwood FOS 2015

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Jap Show Finale

The year of 2014 is slowly coming to a close, with the show season following suit. Jap Show Final was the last tuned Japanese car event of the year, held at Santa Pod Raceway. The weather held out too, which was a treat for everyone, especially for those wanting to hit the track.

Jap Show Finale 2014

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Ultimate Street Car (USC) 2014

The beginning of August made way for one of the biggest car festivals in the UK, USC. We won’t hide the fact that the weather on Saturday was poor, it was raining, heavy, causing areas of the campsites to flood.

USC 2014

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