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Hyundai Vision G Coupé to be Unveiled at Pebble Beach

There’s something familiar about Hyundai’s Vision G concept vehicle, which is not something that you normally associate with concepts. A concept normally means that designers get a brief window of freedom, often used to display their more radical, less practical, ideas before the damping down process begins culminating in the launch of a car often bearing little resemblance to the concept.

The Vision G coupé is a premium vehicle of the like that we possibly haven’t seen for some time; it reminds me of the Nissan QX, a spacecraft of a car that unnervingly separated the occupants from the reality of the outside world.

hyundai vision g coupe concept rear

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Is VW Electric Campervan Finally on the Cards?

Every so often a rumour springs up about the iconic VW Campervan being reinvigorated for a new generation to enjoy. It should come as no surprise really, as the classic Camper is enjoying a bit of a boom, if my local air-cooled specialist is to be believed.

vw bulli and vw campervan

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VW Microbus to Finally Launch in 2019?

Progress on the new VW Microbus appears to be running along as smoothly as it ever has, that is shrouded in rumour and secrecy. The VW Microbus concept first saw the light of day as far back as 2001 at the North American International Auto Show.

Excitement was ramped up a year later with the news that VW planned to actually build the Microbus starting in 2003 with as many as 80,000 units predicted by 2005. You will of course have realised that nothing actually happened sadly, with the project being cancelled in 2005. Then in 2011 the curious looking VW Bulli appeared – curious because it looks very similar to the original Microbus concept until you put people in it; then it takes on the slight feeling of what a Campervan might look like if it had shrunk in the wash.

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McLaren reveals upgrades to its 650S Coupe and 650S Spider

While the 650S Coupe and the 650S Spider are the newest additions to the McLaren family, it seems that the company has a few ideas up its sleeve for how to make them better still.

McLaren Special Operations showcases MSO 650S Coupe Concept Feature

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Mercedes-Benz reveals coupe SUV concept

Not content with revealing either a coupe or an SUV concept, Mercedes-Benz has decided to up the ante by releasing a combination of the two.

Mercedes-Benz Concept SUV

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