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Brake calls for hands-free phone use to be banned

I’m sure that we all agree that safety while driving is paramount, although there is an argument that the greater the safety features that are incorporated into our vehicles, the less we are likely to drive with as much care as we should.

Icy and wet conditions, fog and French roads might make us grateful for the plethora of safety features in even the most basic of modern cars though, but there are hidden dangers which we might not be quite so aware of.

handsfree phone in car

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Crackdown review on drink-driving

A new report has been published by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that has highlighted the extent to which drink-driving was witnessed across the UK in the recent festive period.

It showed that levels of this dangerous activity were similar to those seen in recent years during 2012, with 7,123 drivers arrested last month for this offence across the country.

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Family urging drivers ‘not to touch a drop’

The bereaved family of a young man killed in a drink-driving incident on New Year's Eve 2010 has called on the public to pledge to abstain totally from alcohol this festive period if they are planning to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Road Safety charity Brake has launched its 'not a drop, not a drag' campaign to promote responsible driving habits this Christmas, with the family of Jamie Still giving their full support to the initiative.

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Go 20 launch campaign asking drivers to decrease speed to 20mph

As part of National Road Safety Week Go 20 will be furthering their campaign for motorists to be limit their speed to 20mph in built up areas where schools, shops and residential homes are situated.

Although the initial reaction of some motorists is likely to be one of frustration, there is a fair weight of logic behind the campaign. 24% of deaths caused by collision can be attributed to excessive speed according to the RoSPA backed stoppingdistances.org.

Let’s look at a few more facts that might make that frustration dwindle some more. Two thirds of all road accidents involving injuries or death occur on roads with a speed limit of 30mph or less. 2010 saw 241 people die on our roads due in part to drivers breaking the speed limit.

go20 campaign billboard

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New driving offence backed by majority of Brits

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has published findings highlighting overwhelming support for the government's move to introduce a new criminal offence for dangerous drivers.

According to the group's findings, 94 per cent of Brits back the introduction of the new offence of 'causing serious injury by dangerous driving', which came into force earlier this year.

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