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Fast Show 2014 – Video

Earlier this week a blog was released about the Fast Show Post-Show Report. Our friends over at Performance Direct have also managed to release some footage to follow from Sunday’s antics. Take a look into the world of modified & highly tuned race demons and show machines.

Fast Show 2014

There are only 12 days until Fast Show arrives; the first official show of the season which welcomes everything from track monster Skylines to slammed Polos. The diversity of cars at Fast Show is amazing, everyone from every different scene attends and all are treated equally.

Fast Show 14

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Vehicles honoured at inaugural UK Car of the Year awards

Manufacturers from all over the world have a new set of titles to shoot for, after the UK hosted its very first Car of the Year awards in February.

Car of the Year 2014 feature

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Scouts to Drive Routemaster to Japan After Winning the 2013 Non Standard Awards – Hope They’re Prepared!

Performance Direct are delighted to announce that the team members of the Japan or Bust project are the lucky winners of the 2013 Non Standard Awards.  The brave and enthusiastic group of young Scouts first come up with the ludicrous idea to drive a 1964 Route master bus from the UK to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan, in early 2011 and from then the project grew. Performance Direct will be helping them on their way with funding throughout the build up and execution of the project as well as providing moral support.

Due to depart in May 2015, 8 Scouts plan on traveling 40,000 miles through 23 Countries to their final destination – the Scouting Jamboree in Yamaguchi, Japan. This unique and adventurous idea immediately caught the eye of the Non Standard Award judges, and the team lead by Matthew Hart were called in for a preliminary interview.

Japan or bustIn late April, Matthew Collett and the Non Standard Awards team made their way to Gilwell Park, the house, and former grounds, of Robert Baden-Powell the founder of the Scouting movement. Gilwell Park, at the edge of Epping Forest in Essex, was the perfect environment for The Performance Direct team to hand over the oversize cheque and seal the deal.

Representatives from Shelter Box, the charity that will be working alongside the team to provide essential equipment and guidance, were also there as support and to celebrate the joining of Performance Direct and the Japan or Bust team.

Performance Direct will be supporting the Japan or Bust adventure all the way through the journey; we will keep you updated with their progression and whereabouts!

For your chance of Performance Direct Non Standard Awards sponsoring you up to £10K to fulfill your motoring dreams please visit The Performance Direct website

Please click here to find out more and to support the Japan or Bust team.

The Innocenti Job

Oddly enough, the adventure that Jeff Ruggles and Matt Woods initially planned didn’t include a Mini or Italy. However, they somehow found themselves with both included in their trip. Jeff and Matt soon realised that to achieve anything they needed a significant amount of funding. So they turned to the Performance Direct Non Standard Awards, who are renowned for turning motoring dreams into reality.

The pair back in 2011 began by pin pointing a location in Europe and purchasing an obscure local car, which they then planned to drive back to Bath. They bought a 1970’s Fiat 126 from Poland to make the long journey home, however, during a test run they realised that this has been done many times before and it wasn’t as exciting as first thought.

Mini Innocenti 1001

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