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Cam Am F3 Spyder – the Three Wheeler of the Future

The first trike I ever saw was chugging slowly through traffic on the coastal road down at Southend, as it drew level I recognised the Flat-4 VW engine by sight and by sound, idling steadily. A common use of the Beetle engine that one, but the Can-Am Spyder F3 takes things more into Japanese superbike territory looks-wise.

A trike is always likely to be considered by some a fun, fair weather vehicle, much like that other Flat-4 engine powered vehicle, the beach buggy. But take away the vagaries of the British weather and ignore the debate over what this vehicle actually is and concentrate on the fun aspect and you start to get the point.

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Effortlessly Cool Classic Retro Motorcycles

The observant among you probably first noticed the beginnings of the retro automobile fad with a few dashes of chrome piping appearing on new cars a few years ago; this evolved into hugely successful reboots for the Mini, Beetle and Fiat 500. A similar thing has been quietly going on in the motorcycle world.

Here, across the Atlantic and in Japan, the rose-tinted image of the swinging sixties has resulted in a conveyor belt of retro over the past few years and one of the areas where it has been absorbed the best, is in the motorcycle world.

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Elvis Presley Cars at O2 Exhibition

From December 12 2014 until 31 August 2015, there will be a chance to see some of the many iconic possessions once owned by the king of rock ’n’ roll, Elvis Presley. The exhibition, consisting of more than 300 items, is being held at the O2 in southeast London and will include some of the vehicles he once owned.

In fact, the exhibition is the largest ever to take place in Europe, but it’s not just outlandish jumpsuits on display; Elvis loved his cars and the O2 will provide a tantalizing hint at what can be found at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum in the grounds of Graceland.

elvis 02 exhibition mg roadster blue hawaii front

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Motorcycle Live 2014 sees 10% increase in attendance over last year

As Christmas fast approaches, fans of two wheeled modes of transport flocked to Motorcycle Live at Birminghams NEC in the hope of getting a glimpse of the new 2015 models for the first time and maybe even get themselves an early Christmas present.

Harley Davidson

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Yamaha releases new MT-125

Yamaha has launched its first ‘streetfighter-style’ model in the 125cc motorbike category with its superb new MT-125. 

After the success of the recently launched MT-07 and MT-09, which have been racking up some pretty impressive sales, the company’s latest model is designed to appeal to younger riders.

Yamaha MT-125

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