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How modifications can impact insurance rates

Has your car been modified or are you thinking about making some upgrades? Be sure you know how the changes could affect your insurance costs. Modifications can be a fun way to personalise your car, matching it to your own ideals of how a vehicle should look and could even improve its speed or handling.

Top Modifications

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Idris Elba Breaks Flying Mile at Pendine Sands

You might be more familiar with actor Idris Elba being the star of acclaimed series like Luther and subsequently starring in Hollywood films like Prometheus rather than speeding around the track in exotic fast cars, but like so many actors and musicians, he has a passion for the automobile and adventure.

Elba has just added his name into the record books by breaking the 88 year old Flying Mile record in a Bentley. The Flying Mile involves the all-out adrenalin rush of travelling flat-out for exactly one measured mile.

idris elba breaks flying mile record pendine sands

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider order book opened

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is now available to order in the UK and has already attracted significant praise for its advanced aerodynamic styling.

Alfa 4C Spider 2015

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Peugeot launch virtual supercar

Peugeot has unveiled its latest racing car for the Sony PlayStation game Gran Turismo 6.The Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo has been designed by the company’s sport engineers and promises gamers a fun ride.

Peugeot Virtual Super Car GT6

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Ultra Rare Maserati MC12 Corsa for Sale

Last year we were greeted with the news of the sale of an ultra-rare Maserati MC12 in black; one of only 50 in existence. This year, news has emerged of the forthcoming sale of an equally rare Maserati MC12 Corsa.

In fact, this one is even rarer, being numbered 2 of only 12 specific version models built. This isn’t your average car for commuting mind, it’s a track-based rear-wheel drive sports car dating from 2005 with a sweet sounding 6-litre V12 engine that pushes 745bhp, all linked together through a sequential gear box.

maserati mc12 corsa rear side

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