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Porsche 911 GT3 R to make race debut

This month will see the new Porsche 911 GT3 R make its first endurance race appearance.

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Get ready for the new Honda NSX

One of the most eagerly-anticipated announcements of the last decade has finally come to fruition, with 2016 set to be the year that the new Honda NSX will come into full production.

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Cash, Cameras, Cars!

28 September, 2015 Cars No comments

Cars and movies. Sometimes they ironically go hand in hand.

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The Impeccable Aston Martin GT12

The Aston Martin GT12 is the company’s response to the plethora of other manufacturer’s GT3 sports cars on show at track days, according to design director, Marek Reichman.

In fact, the GT12 would have been given the moniker of GT3 if weren’t for the fact that Porsche indicated that they felt some sort of ownership over the ordering of the two letters and a number.

aston martin gt12 trackday

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The Very Refined Porsche 911 GTS Carrera Cabriolet

The 911 Porsche Carrera GTS is a well thought of and respected automobile. The coupé version is now joined by the cabriolet version, giving a pretty decent range of choice to choose from.

At first site, the breadth of the Carrera range and options is starting to look as bewildering as some of its rivals, so it’s best to think of the range as giving a wide range of choice to hone down rather than anything else. So within this wide range of choice we now have two fully open-to-the-air options; the coupé and the cabriolet.

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