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Forget carbon fibre, it’s all about foam!

Those who have even the slightest interest in cars will know that the new top-material for magnificent motors is carbon fibre. Let’s face it, you only need to watch five minutes of Top Gear to figure that one out.

Foam Car

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Sir Chris Hoy excels in GT Racing debut

Olympic cycling hero Sir Chris Hoy has begun the latest chapter in his sporting career by taking part in the British GT season-opening race at Oulton Park.

Chris Hoy Racing Debut

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Mercedes-Benz reveals coupe SUV concept

Not content with revealing either a coupe or an SUV concept, Mercedes-Benz has decided to up the ante by releasing a combination of the two.

Mercedes-Benz Concept SUV

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Chevrolet Corvette trio cruises into New York

Chevrolet is ready to make a big statement at this year’s New York Auto Show as three versions of its iconic Corvette model head to the Big Apple.

Chevrolet C7R

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Chevrolet lights up the ice in Russia

A new Chevrolet has taken to the ice in Russia as part of an amazing photoshoot to promote the latest offering from the American manufacturer.

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