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Nissan Sparky – the LEAF Based Electric Pick-Up

Nissan have enjoyed a reputation throughout their history of producing essentially reliable cars. They have also, in the past, suffered a reputation for the mundane (meet the Cedric or perhaps the more familiar,  Almera). Yet, look beyond the obvious and you can find some unique models that are just as much a part of the Japanese firm’s ethos and culture.

The Nissan Sparky is a LEAF based pick-up that harks back to the Figaro and the brilliantly named S Cargo van; so named because it looked like a snail (think about it…) Although the Sparky has it’s roots more in Arizona rather than Kanagawa in Japan.

nissan leaf-based sparky pick-up

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Peugeot unveils ‘the future’ with new SUV crossover concept

19 September, 2014 Cars No comments

French manufacturer Peugeot has unveiled what it is calling the crossover SUV concept car of the future at a motor show in its native Paris, with the company declaring that the new vehicle design represents its vision for the high-end market moving forward.

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Sports car that runs on saltwater ‘approved for EU roads’

The price of fuel is something all drivers worry about, and for years now, people have believed that at some point the traditional internal combustion engine would be replaced with something that runs on materials that are greener, and perhaps more crucially for the consumer, cheaper.

QUANT e-Sportlimousine

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New Lexus NX 300h gets to grips with electric four-wheel drive

Lexus has announced the upcoming NX 300h, a new vehicle that will come equipped with a state of the art electric four wheel drive system that will allow drivers the best possible grip when it is needed most.

Lexus NX 300h

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Iconic cars come to Goodwood Revival

12 September, 2014 Cars No comments

As the Goodwood Revival gets underway this weekend (September 12th to 14th), the real stars of the event are the iconic cars that will be gracing the track.

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