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The Mustangs headway into the UK

Ford has confirmed the first batch of right-hand-drive Mustangs have rolled off the production line in the US.  It is expected those who placed orders for the car in May last year can expect delivery before spring 2016 as the Flat Rock plant in Michigan gears up for the expected demand from the UK.

RHD Ford Mustang 2015

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The Vulcano Titanium – A world first!

The phrase, ‘Italian supercar’ always grabs the attention and when the car in question is built from exotic materials, the attention is grabbed just that little bit more.

The wonderfully named Vulcano Titanium is the world’s first (according to Icona, and who are we to argue!) titanium car and was inspired by that very fast record breaking plane, Blackbird SR-71.

vulcano titanium rear

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Hyundai Vision G Coupé to be Unveiled at Pebble Beach

There’s something familiar about Hyundai’s Vision G concept vehicle, which is not something that you normally associate with concepts. A concept normally means that designers get a brief window of freedom, often used to display their more radical, less practical, ideas before the damping down process begins culminating in the launch of a car often bearing little resemblance to the concept.

The Vision G coupé is a premium vehicle of the like that we possibly haven’t seen for some time; it reminds me of the Nissan QX, a spacecraft of a car that unnervingly separated the occupants from the reality of the outside world.

hyundai vision g coupe concept rear

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McLaren to showcase unique 570S

McLaren is set to debut a number of one-off and customised cars at the forthcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in the US.

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Amazing Lexus hoverboard revealed

Car manufacturers Lexus has revealed its latest feat of engineering and technology in the form of a hoverboard.

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