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Audi RS 7 completes Grand Prix lap with no driver

Audi has let its new RS 7 concept loose on the Hockenheim track at the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season finale. In fact, they let it complete a lap at racing speed without a driver.

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A third of cars need suspension repairs every year

Every year a higher proportion of cars are damaged by the increasing amount of speed bumps and pot holes across the roads. New figures released have shown exactly what cars have the most work done suspension wise each year, with the Audi RS6 top of the list.

audisuspension resize

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Artist takes Sharpie to Nissan Skyline GTR

Armed with only a sharpie, one artist created a new design to cover her husband’s Nissan Skyline GTR.

Nissan GTR Sharpie

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Mazda2 to be launched in Europe

The next generation of supermini the Mazda2 is set to be released in Europe and promises to challenge convention with its capabilities and take the B segment by storm.

Mazda 2

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Corsa to make Guinness World Records attempt

Vauxhall is going to send its newest generation of Corsa to attempt take the Guinness World Records title for the Largest GPS Drawing.

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