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New Radical RXC Turbo

Radical Sports Cars, the creators of the big boy’s road legal, track demon go-kart, have introduced their new invention. After signing off a partnership with Ford, the guys returned to their drawing boards and have created possibly one of the best cars to come off the Radical production line – they’re called Radical for a reason.

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Autosport International 2014 Show Summary

A new season is upon us and Autosport International 2014 is the very first show to start the year. With many latest releases in the Motorsport world and also many upcoming products this years Autosport International has a lot to offer for budding enthusiasts and those who partake in the Motorsport & Automotive world. Take a look at the video for a quick summary of the show and keep an eye out for a full review!


McLaren P1 Breaks Seven-Minute Barrier at Nurburgring

6 December, 2013 Cars No comments

McLaren’s P1 had a lot to live up to, specifically the tag of being the best performance car on the planet, but the vehicle has moved a step closer to claiming this title after taming the Nurburgring in a jaw-dropping time of less than seven minutes

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Classic Car Club’s Christmas Crackers

5 December, 2013 Cars 1 comment

The Classic Car Club, based in Hoxton, London, have established one of the most prized classic car collections to be found on this side of the pond. The collections range from the American Icons such as the Ford GT and the Mustang, to more UK favourites like the E-Type and Mini.

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Ferrari FF – The Latest Delivery!

14 November, 2013 Cars No comments

New York City, the pinnacle of the American Dream, but for the owner of this beautiful Ferrari FF – the New York streets have become a nightmare! The Ferrari was double parked outside a row of shops on Columbus Avenue, to which the driver was ticketed for. What the owner didn’t expect was to come back and find an extremely slammed front end.

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